Part 12 – Finding Bliss –

NOTE: This chapter is rated PG-13 due to sexual content. 

I ran a hand over the left side of my head, regretting the loss of my hastily hacked hair. The motion pulled Grisella’s hand and reminded me they were still tied together.

Her eyes widened in alarm. “Do you mean that you didn’t intend to marry me, Gna?” Her legs didn’t quite reach the floor from the edge of the bed where we sat, and one of her feet swished like an angry cat’s tail.

I blinked. “Well, it was a spur of the moment decision…” That wasn’t exactly a lie; just a misdirection. “Perhaps a bit hasty,” I continued, “but I really didn’t want to lose you.“ If I rejected her now, no amount of wool would keep her from Fading – and then I’d be a widow before even getting to consummate my marriage. Not an option.

“You sure?” she questioned, eyes narrowing.

“Quite sure,” I nodded vigorously. “I admire your tenacity and fighting spirit. If nothing else, you’ve got guts, taking down three men and almost offing a goddess…”

Her face darkened.

“A-a-and you’re beautiful,” I continued, changing direction. “I don’t invite just anyone into my bed you know!”

“You really think so? Don’t just be saying that…”

“Elves don’t lie! I wouldn’t say it if it weren’t true. Even your spirals are looking better now. Still a little bent but not drooping anymore, and their colors are much better. Hey, healing through marriage,” I mused aloud, “I’ll have to tell Eir about that when I… oh.” It was my turn to sag. There would be no bantering with my healer friend anytime soon.

She squeezed my hand, and I gazed into her gray eyes. “You be missing your friends in Asgard, aren’t you?”

I nodded.

“You be lucky,” she sighed, tucking a strand of now dirty blonde hair behind her ear, “having people who love you. I can’t think of anyone beside Father who’d care if I stopped existing.”

“Except me,” I said, squeezing her hand back.

“Except you,” she agreed with a smile. Her spirals were looking better by the second. “Wait, you said you’re an elf?” She cocked her head. “You don’t look like an elf.”

I chuckled. “Well, we’re not all tiny like in the tales you’ve heard, and there’s a lot of different kinds. I suppose you could say I’m a High Elf on my mother’s side. But I’m Wind Giant on my father’s side.”

She nodded. “Amazing… you be so full of surprises. But no more gloom! This be a happy time, we being just married and all. Not the dream wedding I’d been imagining as a lass, but still, let’s make the best of celebrating it.”

“What?” I exclaimed in mock outrage. “Marrying a goddess not good enough for you? Humph! There’s just no pleasing some women.”

She climbed onto my lap, slowly, eyes sparkling, our lips almost touching. “Oh, be assured, Milady,” she breathed. “I am pleased.” She bit her lower lip, then inched closer until we gently fell back onto the bed with her kiss. It was made of grazing caresses of her mouth upon mine, teasing with only a hint of tongue, leaving me hungry for more.

Her arms framed my head, our breasts barely brushing. My right hand had snaked its way onto her lower back.

She stopped. “Uh… I don’t really be knowing how to do it with women, Gna,” she admitted. “I mean, beyond kissing.”

“You’re doing – ah – fine,” I panted. “Just do it like you would if I were a man… minus the slaying of course,” I joked.

Her eyes clouded and I held my breath, shaded by her loose hair falling around my face. Why did I have to keep bringing it up? Maybe I was still a little resentful?

“Gna… be you truly in love with me?” Her face was neutral.

I turned my head, avoiding her searching gaze. The tips of her hair tickled my nose. “Honestly? I don’t know. Maybe. Are you?”

A sad expression crossed her face. “Maybe. Or maybe I be starting to fall in love, and haven’t had time to catch up all the way. I don’t know. I never really expected to marry for love. And you, Gna, you be leagues better than I had any rights to hope for.”

I turned my head back to look into her stormy eyes as she continued.

“I don’t know where this is going, but I do know this: I’m glad it’s with you, Milady.” She kissed me again, tenderly, the kind of kiss you give to your beloved.

It gave me shivers, melted something inside me I’d been holding back, and tension ran out of my shoulders. I blinked slowly and saw happiness in her eyes. She had a smile I could grow to love.

She ran her fingers through my hair as she laid little kisses on my forehead; tingles of goose bumps ran down my arms and spine. I swallowed, pretty sure this was not how she’d done it with the men. Her lips caressed my temple, then slid further down to nibble my earlobe. A moan escaped me, my nipples hardening under her care.

Her left hand slipped down along my face and I kissed her palm. Her smile widened. She continued down my neck, tracing my clavicle, until she reached my cleavage. Still being shirtless, she had me at a disadvantage.

She looked over my breasts, my eyes, then back down again. Her tongue peeked out as she brushed her fingers against my areolas. My breath quickened, and I licked my lips, mouth gone dry.

“Soft,” she whispered. “So soft. With a little hard tip.”

I nodded my enjoyment.

“I wonder,” she mused, bringing her lips to kiss the crease between my mounds, then licking up to my nipple. Back to the crease, and then up to the other one.

She’d barely done anything, but already I could feel myself clenching down there, getting moist. With lost eyes I looked down at her, rendered helpless by her attentions.

“Do you like this?” she asked.

“I… uh… yesss… “ I mumbled, “please… more…”

That pleased her. With my encouragement, she started suckling me, all the while holding my breast with her hand.

“Uhnn… yes…” I arched my back a bit, biting my lower lip. My left hand was still trapped next to hers at my head by the strand that bound us.

I raised my free hand, cupping a breast through the lacing of her dress. That got a reaction and she sucked with more force, her own nipple perked with my teasing. She raised her head, giving a wicked smile, and licked around my nipples in ever growing circles. I shuddered, clenched, and she began laying a trail of kisses down my belly.

“Oh yesss…” I whispered.

That’s when the door creaked, and I cursed under my breath. “You could at least knock,” I called out in irritation, “before you spy on us Ganglati.”

Grisella glanced back, spooked by the intrusion of our privacy.

Sure enough, the servant’s wrinkly mug showed itself with a wry smile.

“I be simply changing the wash water,” she said, slowly ambling over to exchange her bucket for the one behind the door, patches of her dress trailing on the floor. Ka-thunk. She dropped the new one, splashing a bit, and picked up the other. Her eyes were on us the whole time.

I sighed. “Yes, I’m still alive. No, I didn’t kill Grisella. We made up and we’re making love. Did Hela want to know anything else?”

“Now that you mention it,” she said, raising a gnarly finger, “the queen would like to know what happened.” She stood there, waiting, as I gaped in disbelief.

I sat up, grabbing my wife by the waist to keep her steady, while glaring at the intrusive maid. “Irony is entirely lost on you, isn’t it, you nosy wench? I’ll give Hela my full report, right after I wrap my hands around her bony neck to thank her for her meddling.” I held onto my lover a little tighter as I added: “My wife and I were in the middle of sex when you burst in, and I’d like us to first finish what we started.”

Well, that got her eyes wide. It’s probably not every day Hela gets surprised – but then she’d never dealt with me before. I was done being afraid of her. We’d deal on my terms from now on.

Ganglati nodded. “The queen will be in her study until the evening feast.”

She didn’t say the queen would be waiting, I noted with dry amusement. Queens didn’t wait for anyone or anything below them. They graced people with their time, after making them wait a length of time based on the visitor’s rank. It struck me for the first time how like Odin she was in many ways. Frigga didn’t usually waste time on such nonsense. Let Hela bite her nails as curiosity gnawed at her. I’d see her in my own time.

“You are dismissed, Ganglati,” I said. “Leave us.”

Lips pursed in annoyance, she turned and slowly shuffled out, closing the door behind her.

“Well,” I said to the pretty lady in my lap, “that was annoying. And I’m still horny.”

“But it be kind of expected. We messed up her plans, methinks.”

A smile full of secret thoughts graced her face.

“You wouldn’t be enjoying the foiling our queen’s plans, would you Grisella? That would assuredly be treasonous thinking…”

She laughed. “I most certainly would, Milady!”

“Will you stop with the Miladies!” I exclaimed, gently poking her nose.

“Old habits,” she chuckled, “and I kind of like calling you that anyway.”

I thought of calling her “Old Lady,” in return but it was too soon, she wouldn’t take it well, and it would spoil the already broken mood. I held my tongue.

“In a way,” she added, glancing down at my chest, “I be a little thankful for the interruption, not knowing exactly what I be doing next with your lady parts.”

I grinned. “Whatever feels good to you probably feels good to me.”

“True… and I be having some questions too.”

Running a hand through her long blonde hair, she arched her torso, showing off every curve. “I never thought I’d be marrying a god,” she continued, “much less a goddess. Anything I should know?”

“Well,” I said, eyes still locked on her display, “I’m oath bound by Frigga not to take a husband so that I remain a maiden.”

She giggled. “That shouldn’t be an issue here.”

“No, but maiden doesn’t mean what you think,” I said as I traced her jaw line with a finger. “Mær means a woman or girl who belongs only to herself, whom no man may rule. I am one of the twelve maidens who make up her court. Or at least I was.”

“So, you’re some kind of nun then?” she laughed, inducing a pleasing ripple in her bosom.

“We’re not forbidden sex,” I purred as I suddenly kicked up, rolling her to lay in the middle of the bed. With a hungry grin, I straddled her hips, and pinned her hands down with my own, “we just can’t be on the bottom.” The many colored squares of the quilt framed her body delightfully.

Surprised, she asked: “Why would your queen be caring how you make love?”

“Try to get up,” I grinned.

She did, pushing up, and kicking her feet to no avail. “I can’t,” she pouted, breasts straining against her lacing.

“That’s because no matter how you look at it, I’m more powerful than you are.” I lowered my body, breasts brushing hers, and kissed her neck. “I’m a goddess,” I whispered in her ear. “You’re a mortal, and the divine one is always the husband in these cases.” A moan escaped her lips as I nibbled along her neck, first grazing with teeth, then kissing each spot.

I sat up, releasing her hands as I put a thoughtful finger to my chin. “If a decision needed to be made in Asgard, do you think you could tell me how to vote?”

“Not likely,” she squirmed, exposing her neck as I dove in for another kiss.

Placing my hands under her ribs, she let out a yip of surprise as I rolled us both further onto the bed. Now she was on top of me.

“Is there any really manly and powerful god you do know of? The kind that’s always on top?” I asked, batting my eyelashes.

“Hmmm…” she said, eyes sparkling as she took pleasure in being the one pinning my hands, “I’ve heard of Zeus.”

“Perfect. Say I married Zeus. Ahhhh!” Her tongue traced the crease between my breasts… and though delicious, the shiver that went through my body was very distracting. “Who,” I continued as best I could, ”do you think would be making the decisions? Do you think I’d be voting by my will, or by whatever he told me to do?”

“I think you’d do whatever he said,” she replied, her hot breath hovering over my nipple.

I groaned, trying to keep focus. “Now, say all twelve of us were married to gods more dominant than ourselves…”

She stopped and sat up, brow creasing as understanding dawned. “Then… you’d all just be wives, doing whatever your husbands said, wouldn’t you? Frigga’s court, it be little more than a stitch and bitch circle with no power of its own.”

“My, what a dirty mouth you have,” I gasped in mock affront. “Such language!” I pushed my hands straight out to the sides and she lost grip, flopping onto me. “I’ll have to clean it out with my tongue.” Grabbing her head, I kissed her till she came up for breath. She rolled onto her back beside me, panting as she stared up at the bed’s spiral canopy.

“That be the point, be it not? When you say husband, what you really mean is dominant. What if it was a more dominant goddess?”

I turned my head to her. “Assuming she wasn’t under the dominion of some god, that would be fine, she’d just become part of our council by marriage. We stand for the power and divinity of women, and we can’t do our job if we’re just an extension of men’s power. The same applies to Odin’s court,”

She raised an eyebrow in my direction. “What do you mean?”

“Well, Thor was all set to marry Jarnsaxa, but King Odin forbade it.” I giggled.


“Do you know who Thor is?” With a lazy smile, I propped myself up on an elbow to better enjoy the view.

“Aye, even I’ve heard of him. God of lightning, big hammer, kills giants. He be a real tough guy.”

“Okay, now imagine a woman who’s so much stronger and more dominant than he is that he’d be putty in her hands. A real she-wolf in bed too, from what I hear, nearly insatiable. The man was walking bowlegged, his face pale, and he nearly lost interest in fighting giants. ‘Too tired,’ he’d say, ‘maybe I’ll go fight tomorrow.’ That’s how good she was.”

Grisella gaped. “Wow…”

“We were all astonished. When she said ‘jump,’ Thor asked how high. Odin, as you can imagine, was less than pleased, she being a Giantess and all.” With a mocking imitation of Odin’s voice, I waggled my eyebrows as I intoned: “No son of mine is going to be a bitch for a Giantess!” We both lost it, laughing hysterically.

Wiping a tear as I caught my breath, I added: “Oh, the jokes about that went on for centuries. It still comes up every now and again. Thor blushes, but Sif enjoys it.”

“Again, sorry for my ignorance, but who’s Sif?” She bit her lower lip, probably concerned I’d get upset again, but I was in too good a mood for that.

“Ah, Sif’s the nice and demure harvest goddess Odin found for his son. A real sweetheart and cupbearer in Asgard. Great interior decorator too, such that no ill-breeze blows through the home.”

“What,” she asked with a finger poke on my breast, “does decoration have to do with breezes?”

“It’s not literal breezes,” I corrected myself, “it’s hospitality to the healthy flow of önd. Never mind, we’re getting off topic.” I scooted down to press my face between her legs, lightly biting through the folds of her dress.

“Uhhh… what was our topic again?” she gasped, laying a hand on my head.

I looked up at her face between her thighs, all the while pulling up the dress that was in my way. “I’m explaining why you’re the wife and I’m the husband.”

“You do be making learning fun, Gna,” she said in a breathy voice.

“I may not be a teacher like Snotra but I’m a messenger and goddess of communication, I put the fun in edufuncation!”

“That not even be a word!” she protested.

“I’m a goddess. I can make it a word If I want to.”

I stuck out my tongue at her. Being clever, I chose to do so between her legs. That put an end to the intellectual part of our conversation as she moaned out my name…


Note: Comments and musings are very much appreciated. That’s how you tip the bard. 🙂

  1. Ly says:

    Ah ha, so there was the steaminess in this chapter after all!
    I have to say I really enjoyed the bit about Thor and Jarnsaxa you added in there too. ‘No son of mine is going to be a bitch to a giantess!’ LOL!

    It’s interesting how you described relationships for the Handmaids too and which is the ‘husband’ so to speak. I’m glad the two of them finally had a moment of pleasure what with everything else.

    But will they be allowed much of a honeymoon? 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • lofnbard says:

      One of my friends was impressed (and turned on) by how I turned what could have been a boring data dump about Asgard politics into a steamy sex scene. 😉
      It was also fun to give Thor a teasing mention.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ly says:

        Well she was trying to make learning fun :p

        The teasing mention of Thor did make me smile a great deal.

        It’s also interesting about Sif and ‘Norse feng shui’. Something else to write about at some point?


      • lofnbard says:

        Yes, Gna does seem to hint that Sif practices something very like Feng Shui. I do hope there’s a chance to go more into it in one of the stories.


      • sonyjalerulv says:

        Oh yeah, great scene. It’s definitively getting warmer here. lol 🙂 Loved how you explained the ‘maiden’ thing. And I admit I giggled too at the Thor teasing part. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Amber Drake says:

    I really enjoy your stories. I think you are a great writer!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I really enjoy the discussion on the make up of Frigga’s court, particularly the discussion on why they are ‘maidens’ and what that means in the context of Asgard’s politics.

    Liked by 1 person

    • lofnbard says:

      Yeah, I wondered why they were all supposedly maidens, and yet Gefjon clearly had sex and had children. And then Grisella asked the question in the story and I got an answer. Makes sense. Vikings were very practical people. No “Magical Virginity” crap, it’s all politics. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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