Sexual Content. Fertility Rites.


A flash of color settled among the leafy ash trees above. “Wheep-wheep-wheep! Tuh-tuh-tuh-tuh-tuh, rrrrrrrrr.” I smiled at the black-faced redbird, shaking his tail feathers as he sang.

Awee awee awee awee awee,” rang the female’s answer. I turned my head, spotting her grayish-white plumage in the nearby linden tree – red in the beak, wing-tips, tail and crest. That’s what I liked about cardinals; the ladies also spoke up when they wanted sex.

Lavender-colored musk-mallow flowers crowded the tree-line along the cobblestone path, a warm breeze faintly carrying their lusty scent.

Though a bronze head circlet kept my short blonde hair in place, I’d chosen to dress as a commoner today. Their fashions were simple, practical, and needed no sewing. The peplos I wore was just a pale-green woolen blanket after all.

Wrapped around my body under the arms, a brooch held the front and back in place over each shoulder. An extra length was folded down over my breasts and upper back for style. That’s all it took to turn a bed sheet into a dress, along with a belt.

I grinned. Unlike breeches, it only took a few seconds to be naked, and then it served as a blanket for my choice of damsel to lay upon and be ravished in the woods. Still, I’d be chilly after bathing, so I also wore a long blue tunic under the peplos. Colored pebbles of little worth were strung as a half-necklace across my chest. They made good gifts for my lovers as mementos of my prowess.

It was well past noon when the shrine-maiden welcomed me at the mouth of the cave, unbraided caramel hair spilling down to shapely buttocks. She wore a white toga draped over one shoulder; those too were conveniently easy to remove

“Today is for women,” she said softly, “tomorrow for men, and the day after for both, so be sure to leave before sunrise. Enjoy your stay at the sacred spring.” She smiled, palms open in welcome, but cocked her head when my brows creased together. “Is something troubling you sister? Perhaps I can assist.”

“So strict,” I mused, rolling back a shoulder.

Clasping her hands, she bowed and recited: “Rarity and restraints increase value.”

Gazing up to the clear blue sky above, I let out a breath, then asked: “How long have you been working here?”

“A moon’s time, or thereabouts. Why?”

“Had you been here longer,” I purred, “you would know that I am Fulla, Lady of Abundance, Cup-bearer of the Golden Horn of Plenty, Scion of the Severed Foot, and Daughter of the Royal House of Nerthus.” I lifted my chin, waiting for the appropriate praises so I could casually dismiss them.

She looked toward my sandals and wrung her hands before meeting my gaze again.

“I am sorry Your Royal Highness; I do not make the rules and cannot bend them. Perhaps you could take it up with the Mother of Waters if it inconveniences you?”

“No, no,” I said with raised hands, “I come here dressed simply to avoid attention and the Mother cares not whom I was born from. I will abide the rules of your schedule. There is little doubt I can earn a lady’s favor in what time is allotted.” I winked and added: “Pity you’re otherwise occupied with your work.”

Head low, she scratched at the ground with her sandal. “Your Highness, I…” she sputtered as her cheeks reddened.

“Hush, pretty one,” I said, raising her chin with a finger. My lips brushed against her cheek on the way to her ear. “Perhaps another time,” I whispered.

She took a half-step back, eyes wide. “I’m sorry there is another who holds my heart, I’m sorry I can’t…”

I shifted to my back leg and cradled my chin with a hand.
“That is fine. We can invite her to join us,” I said with a smug smile.

Rubbing her neck, she sputtered: “It… he… is a boy.”

Clenching my jaw, I sniffed as if hit by a sour stench. “Boys,” I spat, “why anyone would bother bedding men is beyond me, other than to be a mother.”

Squaring her shoulders she spoke in a neutral voice. “Please enjoy your stay today.”

I weighed the option of making her change her mind, then remembered the stern warning of the elderly Mother of Waters.

Do not test my patience further, child. My authority stems from Nerthus herself. Should I so wish, the waters shall boil you to a fine shade of lobster red. Consider that next time you would distract my attendants from their duty.

I waved off toward the girl. “It’s your loss,” I announced as I strode into the cavern. “Don’t come crying to me when he takes away everything you value…” I growled to myself.

A few torches lit the tunnel to this hot-spring cave. Along the walls, round nooks were carved out. These were filled with the vestments of those bathing beyond the wooden door ahead. I sat on the stony bench that ran along the wall below the nooks, and unpinned my dress.

I let my mind wander back to the morning’s work at my temple with a smile, not knowing who I was about to meet.



Note: Sorry for the short chapter. I can only do so much from France, and want to keep the weekly schedule as much as I can. Chapter 3 is longer and reveals the life-changing encounter. 🙂

  1. Ly says:

    Ooh I bet I know who she’ll be meeting! 🙂
    Lol, the listing of her titles is incredibly funny. Surprised she didn’t throw ‘grand exalted poobah’ in there. :p

    Liked by 1 person

  2. sonyjalerulv says:

    Scion of the Severed Foot? lol


    • lofnbard says:

      Yeah, there’s a story in there. Catchy title though, no?

      This is just about Fulla at her worst, a spoiled teenage brat with the powers and status of a goddess. Pride cometh before the fall, as they say. She has interesting times ahead.


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