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It being close to Halloween, here’s a short ghost story. Keep the paper tissues handy.

“It’s easier to dismiss ghosts in the daylight.”


I floated over the toilet as my son brushed his teeth. It was a cramped bathroom, but the apartment was cheap. Picking up the tiny water glass, he took a swig, swished it around and spit.

“I’m going to make that sale today, I know I am,” he told the mirror.

You do that son, I know you can.

There was strain in his eyes, creases. He hadn’t slept well. I know, I’d watched over him all night. He rubbed his beard, checking for stray hairs.

“Nah, it’s fine. Looks more manly if it’s a little rough.” He adjusted the blue tie over his white shirt.

I followed as he went to the car, sat with him through the ride to work.

I’m his mother, I have to look out for him. (more…)

Mobile Phone Blessing

The Cell Phone as Familiar Spirit

A Northern Tradition Pagan Blessing of Techno-Magic



Some would say I’m a Techno-Pagan. I suppose that’s true, but I just think of myself as Pagan or Heathen. Technology isn’t some alien thing, it’s an intimate part of our lives. There is no clearcut separation between Nature and Tech in my life.

My steed and ship is a car. When I lock it with the remote, I whisper “Shields up,” and imagine it enveloped by a glamour resembling a big cement block. I want people to ignore it being there, yet not try to park into its spot. Cement blocks are boring, you go around them.

When I need to find parking, I whisper a prayer: “Njord I pray, may my ship find good harbor on the sea of asphalt.” Usually I find parking. Every now and then I offer Njord a shotglass of rum, especially after finding parking in a difficult area. (more…)