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or How to Pop the Pimple of Hatred

What would the Norns (Fates) think of Trump’s election? As a seer, it’s important to see the forces at work and understand Newton’s Third Law: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This result is bad, but not as bad as you may think. 

This is an opinion piece, but it relates to how a seer views events of history in such a way as to get some sleep at night. I hope it gives Democrats some comfort. And if you’re Republican, congratulations on your win. Remember that the only constant is change.

There’s a story about a farmer whose horse runs away. “How terrible!” say the neighbors.

Eh, maybe,” replies the farmer.

His son goes to find the horse and catches a wild stallion at the same time. “How lucky!” say the neighbors.

Eh, maybe,” replies the farmer.

While training their new stallion, his son gets thrown off and breaks his leg. “How terrible!” say the neighbors.

Eh, maybe,” replies the farmer.

The next day, war breaks out and all able young men are conscripted. The son with the broken leg is of course exempted. How lucky!” say the neighbors.

Eh, maybe.”

An event is only good or bad in retrospect. When it happens, it’s hard to tell whether it may be an immediate good for long term harm, immediate harm for long term good, or simply what it seems to be. (more…)

No mother is perfect, that’s just a fact.

We had a spirit supper to All-Mother Frigga during the blue moon of 2012, and I was her horse (medium if you will). I remember feeling, well, motherly. Not in a judgmental way. Rather in a “these children are struggling. How can I help them?” Even she wasn’t sure how best to do that.

Our human parents often fall far short of perfection. So if you need a little extra mothering… consider praying to Frigga. Sadly we have little of her stories surviving to give us comfort, but I would suggest this website to fill in the void. Perhaps you can make the reading of these letters part of the answer you get from the All-Mother.

Your Holiday Mom is a site for LGBTQ youth

You can find it here:

“Welcome to Your Holiday Mom – an online space where supportive moms gather to post a holiday message to all LGBTQ children, teens and adults who are without family support and who would like a “stand-in” holiday family. We know that not every mom is ready to accept her own LGBTQ child exactly as-is (as hard as this is for us moms here to imagine), so we have written to extend our love beyond that of our own family.

Who are these moms? We are everyday friends and family from everyday homes. Many, but not all, have LGBTQ  children of our own. Many, but not all, are straight. Each mom speaks to the holiday/s she observes, from Thanksgiving to New Years Day. In other words, even our writers here represent diversity.

The vast majority of us came together because they heard about the project, yet most have never met me or each other. The common bond we share is that we are so full of love and pride for our own children – LGBTQ and straight – we wanted to extend ourselves beyond our own families and do something more.

We wish you a happy, love-filled Holiday Season!

With Love, Shamama & Lisa”

Mobile Phone Blessing

The Cell Phone as Familiar Spirit

A Northern Tradition Pagan Blessing of Techno-Magic



Some would say I’m a Techno-Pagan. I suppose that’s true, but I just think of myself as Pagan or Heathen. Technology isn’t some alien thing, it’s an intimate part of our lives. There is no clearcut separation between Nature and Tech in my life.

My steed and ship is a car. When I lock it with the remote, I whisper “Shields up,” and imagine it enveloped by a glamour resembling a big cement block. I want people to ignore it being there, yet not try to park into its spot. Cement blocks are boring, you go around them.

When I need to find parking, I whisper a prayer: “Njord I pray, may my ship find good harbor on the sea of asphalt.” Usually I find parking. Every now and then I offer Njord a shotglass of rum, especially after finding parking in a difficult area. (more…)

I’ve treated this blog as a publishing platform, assuming people just wanted the stories, not the blathering of a writer’s process that goes behind them. However, since I missed this week’s deadline I thought some of you would like to know what’s going on. If you don’t care, that’s fine too. Stories will continue appearing either way. 🙂

Chapters That Sneak In

I was all set to post Gna’s next part, Heartcleft Road’s chapter 7 this past Thursday. I’ve been trying very hard to line up chapter writing and my friend Ethan’s editing of them so I could post regularly every week. This week was supposed to be Bridge of Blades, the big exciting fight scene, but as happened a few times while posting Gefjon’s story, a whole chapter decided to insert itself before it.

No problem, I was inspired and wrote two pages of it Thursday, and in total writing frenzy another two pages Friday all the way to the conclusion of the new chapter. Then I copy-pasted something from another version, closed the file without saving and… oh crap. I hadn’t saved the two pages of Friday, and that was the document I’d closed by mistake. It was good, gripping, and… gone. In a panic, I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to recreate it from memory. Then worked some more in the evening after my client (I’m a spiritual counselor / therapist / hypnotherapist who works over Skype). Still, couldn’t recreate it. I was bummed, to say the least.

Now I strongly suspect that losing the pages was a message from Gna. It had more crying and weeping, as in previous chapters, and that was enough of that as far as she was concerned. The new version, which I still haven’t managed to finish, has an entirely different and more active emotion. (more…)

A free computer game I made that helps you learn the properties of medicinal plants while you play!


What is Herb Witch?

Herb Witch is a visual novel in which you befriend plant spirits to join your team as allies, using their powers to defeat disease spirits, while learning real medicinal plant properties in the process. (more…)

Atop my tower of tales, an admittedly short one, I heard this plea from a fellow storyteller: their Yule wish that this story make the rounds of the Internet by the time of the Solstice.

While I cannot personally grant that wish, I will give what part I can. It’s a short one, and as part of the bardic tradition, makes its point with imagination rather than reason. This is as it should, for as any skald can tell you, no hearts are swayed by rational debate — or even irrational ones. We live and die by the stories we tell and believe in. Blame the lame stories, rather than the believers, for the sorry state of the world we live in. It’s time for better stories, and perhaps this is a start.

Link to that story: To the AFA, The Troth, and the Odinic Rite.

Yuletide Blessings to you and yours,
-Lofn’s Bard

Horsing Frigga at the Vé

Very interesting post by Juniper, a competent spirit worker from Ottawa, Ontario I see at festival every year. Frigga apparently really likes plums, I’ll have to remember that. Everyone’s experience is of course a little different, but this sort of sharing is how we get an idea of what to expect and what’s appreciated by a spirit. I also like Juniper’s method of opening the little backdoor to let them in. I may try that next time I’m the vessel, to facilitate entrance rather than passively waiting to allow it. I’m looking forward to reading part 2. Here’s the link to her post:

Frigga at Her Spirit Supper

I was going to write about what a lovely impression Frigga made when she came to the spirit supper we hosted in her honor last summer, but struggled to remember who of my people was her horse. (more…)

I suppose I should introduce myself and this blog a bit less formally.

First musings! Why I am I doing this blog? One reason is that I’ve spent over three years getting to know the Handmaidens and have been feeling an increasing sense of “We’ve given you all these stories, all these personal details about us. You said you wanted us to be better known, better loved. So why are you still sitting on all this? Get it out where people can see it! We’re not here for your entertainment, you know!” (and I can so hear Pink’s song U+UR Hand in that… this is what I get for listening to pop music with the Ladies).

I’m self-conscious about letting people see it, that’s why!  The plan is to assemble their stories into some sort of perfect book about them, but it’s never complete enough or good enough. I could spend my life on that project and it still wouldn’t be. I’m also quite sure I got some things wrong about them. Hence a blog. It’s available, but less final than a printed book. I can still edit the public version if it becomes necessary or new insights come to light. (more…)