Story Index

FriggSpinning” by John Charles Dollman – Guerber, H. A. (Hélène Adeline) (1909).

Links to all the stories I’ve posted so far. Enjoy!

Posts on Wednesday… when possible

Norse Goddess Stories

Fulla’s Story – Beloved Vanaheim: The sordid youth of a fertility goddess

Gna’s Story – HeartCleft Road: And you thought your day was pretty bad…


Gefjon’s Story – Running Up the World Tree: It’s not easy becoming a Goddess!


Goddess Shrine Pages – To find out more about these Ladies.

Note: For whatever reason, the twelve Handmaidens of Frigga seem to relate to the twelve Western astrology sign, and the Ladies want their sign known so people can better relate to them.

Urban Fantasy Stories

Not the Tree: All spirits are wise benevolent guides who only want to help humans, right?

Standalone Stories

All comments are appreciated and help fuel faster writing and posting of these stories.

  1. Sellacha says:

    This simplifies things for any reader who pops in at later dates of the postings. 🙂


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