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Fallow deer in field.jpg
Fallow deer in field” by Johann-Nikolaus Andreae –  Wikimedia Commons.

Part 4 : Dreams of Yggdrasil –

Cold. I was so cold, and a mere quilted coat with breeches were insufficient. My skin felt like it was nothing more than a shell over the trapped fury of the Winds inside me, clamoring to break free. I wouldn’t last much longer, the quiet of non-existence was starting to sound appealing.

Something poked me in the ribs and I opened my eyes. A stag’s antlers? What was a deer doing in the Void Between? He was magnificent, his chestnut-colored coat almost iridescent, dappled with pale spots, eyes a deeper blue than any ocean’s – and he was staring at me.

As the fog fled from his form, I noticed symbols the size of a walnut slowly orbiting around him. Their thin lines bled yellow light as if the very air had been cut, wounds leaking potential into our world. It took a moment for my nearly frozen brain to realize they were runes, just not Odin’s runes. (more…)