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Part 6: The Hired Help

“What do you mean, farmhands?!” Odin bellowed from his throne, voice echoing in the rafters. “Gefjon, I gave you land as you wanted, and now you want to recruit Asgardian Gods to work your fields? Preposterous!” Three steps separated us as I petitioned below, with Frigga’s high chair to the right and Balder’s on the left. Neither were with us, though a shaft of light from the westward window graced the Bright God’s empty seat. This was a private audience.




My buckskin dress was sweaty, smelly, and clinging uncomfortably as I crafted my response, though it was a relief to cast off the fur coat. I thought my feet would be clean from the snow, but too many trampling boots had made mud of the patriarch’s path. Normally I enjoyed the feel of mud between my toes, but it was now adding a distraction to my rising irritation. (more…)

Part 2: The Interview

 Finally, I saw King Odin approaching. He’s easy to recognize due to the eye patch, though I suppose someone else could put a patch over an eye to make me think they were Odin. Still, I had to treat the man as if he were my new boss, whether he was or not, so I strode toward him with a big smile. Smiling is  important when you meet people. Men in green laced shirts moved in front of him with swords drawn, so I stopped and waited for the chief to come to me. I did my best to look proper and Goddess-like, but frowned upon realizing I’d forgotten to wash my feet. Too late for that now. The king came right up to me, dressed in a dark blue cloak, his gaze making me feel was peering into my very spirit.

Expressionless, he eventually spoke: “You want to be a Goddess of Asgard and swear obedience to me?”

“Yes sir, I do.”

“And what is your name, girl?” (more…)

 Part 1: Noatun

I am Gefjon, Handmaiden of Frigga, and this is my story. Naïve enough to believe, and stubborn enough to succeed, this is how I achieved dreams such that none could deny me.

Proudly I stood on the pier of Asgard’s harbor, Nóatún, at long last having attained my desired destination. Soon I too would be a Goddess alongside the mighty Aesir Gods! As I’d expected, the few clouds in sight were perfectly white and puffy, Frigga’s doing no doubt, and I smiled up at Sunna. The salty sea breeze was crisp and fresh upon my sun-darkened skin, and I delighted in tasting the landmegin: a sweet tartness like the tender shoots of spruce trees in the Spring. Spruces and firs indeed formed a forest beyond the harbor’s houses. (more…)