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My writer’s circle had a day where we challenged each other to do something very different from our usual style. My challenge: “Write in a universe with no gods. Main character is an atheist doing something completely mundane.” Thus Roger’s Plan was born!

Sorry, no Gna chapter this week. A new section inserted itself at the top of Chapter 13, and I haven’t had time to edit the rest of to make sure it matches. I hope you enjoy the filler!


Roger frowned. There was, once more, no coffee in the office coffee maker. Oh sure, there was the smell hanging around the kitchenette, but it only served to taunt him. Olivia got her coffee. George got his. Even the new guy, Richard – even he got his cup of coffee. It was like this each morning, as Sarah made and distributed the black gold to everyone but himself.

He sighed, straightened his tie, and formed his fake smile solidly onto his face before heading back into the pit. It irked him greatly that Sarah’s desk faced the kitchenette door, forcing unwelcome eye contact every time he left the coffee room.

There she sat at her cubicle, silently mocking him, with an equally fake smile as she nodded to him. The perfume of her hairspray wafted unpleasantly to his nostrils, dispelling the pleasant aroma he’d just enjoyed.

So that’s how you want to play it, eh blondie? We’ll see about that. (more…)