When not busy pestering Goddesses for personal details, or burning pies in trying to please them with spirit suppers, Linda Demissy wears a big red ‘S’ on her chest and tries to help people. Since 2001 she has worked as a brief therapist, adventure hypnotist and spiritual counselor in online chat and over Skype. Queer, kinky and weird, she works with all sorts of life problems but is particularly good with alternative sexuality and gender issues. Prior to that, she taught computer science in college and still teaches workshops on other topics at various events. The Pagan portion of her professional website is http://www.hypnoticwishes.com/pagan

She enjoys practicing martial arts, playing mandolin, and going to Pagan festivals in a little U-Haul camper with her girlfriend. You can find some of her original Pagan songs and Norse themed poetry on http://www.youtube.com/user/SigynsHope

The ‘S’ is for Seeress — sometimes she even wears a cape! Her shamanic utility belt pouches are still under construction, but the Harley Quinn styled spiritworker outfit and shoes she crafted turned out well. In keeping with bardic claims, here is her bio in Eddic style alliterative verse (Ljóðaháttr metre).

Linda Demissy as Lofn’s Bard

Once upon a time — city Pagan there was
Who lamented the lack of stories.
Only women of Asgard — when married to Gods
Had tales told and kept.

In prayer she spoke, empassioned she cried
“Of you only a sentence we own!
Forgotten your lore, proud Ladies of yore,
I know not your ways nor your needs.”

“If to us you’d speak, spirit suppers prepare,
Surely our stories we’d share.
For we are alive, a lot has gone by,
And now some new stories you need.”

She cooked and she carved, with care for a time,
Forging words out of light was her wyrd.
Gathering whispers, from Goddesses heard,
To inspire their part of our lives.

Linda's Spirit Work outfit

Linda’s Spiffy Spirit Work Outfit

If you’d like to reach me privately by email, you can do so here:

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